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Welcome to Blog & Bank

Every single day over 2 million blog posts are published - it's the time of the internet revolution and if you don't already have a blog then you're getting left behind. The problem is that whilst many people think about starting a blog - most don't know how.

And for those that do know how, the majority of them have no idea how to use their blog to make a real income.

Blog & Bank is here to change that once and for all. This system has been designed to teach you step-by-step how you can easily launch your own blog and how you can use our revolutionary platform to help you cash in on your passion.

This system walks you through the entire process of building a money making blog, right from the very start.

We Believe In Teamwork

The reason most bloggers fail is because they're left to go it alone & left to try and figure everything out by themselves. They're essentially just playing a "guessing game" and end up frustrated as they try to work out how connect the dots.

We understand that frustrated blogging isn't fun blogging, so here at Blog & Bank we decided to do things differently.

Our system is built in a way that connects everybody together because we believe that teamwork is essential for success - which is one of the reasons people are seeing such amazing results & having fun at the same time too.

We have an amazing community inside which is built up of like-minded bloggers & entrepreneurs, so no longer are you left feeling alone & trying to figure everything out by yourself - think of it as your shortcut to success.

Blogging Is More Fun When You're Making Money

Sure, it's great fun writing about your passion & attracting like-minded people to your blog - but it's definitely more fun when you're making money from it too.

The training inside this system will show you step-by-step how you can begin generating an income from your blog and we've even shared top-earner secrets that will help you achieve better results than you could ever imagine.

Blog & Bank is a completely free system that takes you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish of building a blog that makes money, and on top of that we actually provide you with one of the most powerful platforms that will help you to make money from blogging too.

We're helping people to start brand new blogs every day. Are you next?

Our Mission Is Simple

We want to help people obtain freedom in their lives - freedom through blogging.

Time Freedom, Money Freedom & Location Freedom.

The internet is a powerful tool, but many do not yet realise it - or know how to use it.

Our aim is to show people how they can cash in on their passion. We want to make blogging easy, fun & rewarding.

An Opportunity Like No Other

We provide an amazing platform for you LEARN how to blog, but did you know we also provide a platform to help you EARN from your blog too?

Our system is revolutionary & has completely changed that way that money is made online, helping people take their incomes to a whole new level.

We're helping brand new people to make their very first $1 by blogging & we're also helping advanced bloggers to unleash their blogs true potential.

But most importantly we're helping people who've never even blogged before to create job-quitting income & take their passion for writing full-time.

It All Started With An Idea

Founded by Dale Rodgers at the very start of 2017, Blog & Bank quickly went from just an idea to becoming one of the most popular blogging training platforms in the world coupled with a completely unique never-seen-before earning opportunity.

Blog & Bank was launched with 2 main aims - firstly we wanted to bring simplicity to blogging and to help those who wanted to get started but were held back because they simply didn't know how. Secondly, we wanted to give people who were already blogging a platform that they could use to take their income to the next level & take their passion for writing full-time.

We're Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before

Here at Blog & Bank we teach you how to build a blog the right way from the very start, which means no more mistakes and no more scratching your head.

You have full ownership of your blog, you can fully customize it and you are completely free to do with it as you please.

And the best part is that we teach you all of this for FREE. Our aim is simply to help you leverage the power of the internet through writing, and we won't put a price on that - ever.

Our step by step videos literally walk you through the entire process of not only setting up a blog, but getting visitors & making money. Our training is really easy to follow & we're confident that absolutely anybody can find massive success with this system.

So join us today, and learn how YOU too can build a blog & leverage the internet to cash in on your passion.